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Scottish Country Dancing
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Scottish Dancing for adults.

It's a fun and healthy activity for all ages and abilities, definately no swords or arms in the air required. No partner needed, or come with a group of friends and have a night out together. We have parties and dances all year round.

If you are looking for all over movement and exercise but your competitave sports days are over get the best of all worlds with Scottish Social Dancing: health, music, and maintaining your fitness.

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Scottish Country dancing is a traditional but living form of dance. Some dances date back to the eighteenth century while others are being devised and published on an almost weekly basis. It is the living heritage of Scotland and an enjoyable form of socialising that has spread to all parts of the world.

The main difference between Country Dancing and Highland dancing is that Country Dancing is done as a group. The dancers form into sets, usually of 6 or 8 people and interact with each other throughout the dance. Highland Dances, on the other hand, tend to be done by individual dancers.

There are different types of Scottish Country Dance including Reels, Jigs & Strathspeys. Reels & Jigs are danced in a quick, exciting tempo whereas Strathspeys are slower and more elegant.

There are a number of dance groups around the north of Ireland, details of these can be found on our groups and links pages.

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