Belfast Branch Committee Meeting 22/10/04



The webmasters attended the committee meeting to report on the website and the publicity it had generated for Scottish Country Dancing.

In September and October various activities took place to raise awareness of the website and the information about Scottish Country Dancing contained within it: general press release, radio interview, flyer in selected locations. Thanks to Crockard communications for all their help with this.

June – Aug. Sept. Oct.
The website was visited by:
148 people 417 people 204 people
The most accessed pages were:
Belfast Branch Events Events
Belfast Branch classes Belfast Branch Ceilidhs
Links page Links page Belfast Branch

80% of visitors went directly to the site using the web address. This indicates that more people knew the web address after it had appeared in the newspapers and on radio. People want to know about the dancing itself. People want information for beginners. People want to party.

20% of visitors went to the site via the links from the Ulster Scots Agency website. This indicates that people interested in Scottish activities use the Ulster Scots vehicle to look for information.


30% were repeat visitors. This indicates that people were returning to the site seeking current information and news.

People are interested in Scottish Country Dancing: how do we turn interest into participation?

The Committee members had a packed Agenda and worked extremely hard to get through it all. I would like to thank them for their support with the website and for their dedication to their classes and responsibilities, which I personally had never really appreciated before. The officers on the committee had thoroughly researched and prepared for the evening's business and have the year ahead sorted! Just as well as they are off to the RSCDS AGM on the 6th November 2004 to bring back new ideas! The Committee will be circulating information on coming events so watch the press and the Events page on the site.

Thanks guys.




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