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2007 News archive

31st December 2007
Things have been quite quite at scottishDancing.org over the Christmas holidays.
We will be adding more content to the site in January so stay tuned.
24th November 2007
Dance Cribs on your mobile!
There is now a searchable database of dance cribs online. It is primarily aimed at mobile browsing (i.e. You can look up cribs on your mobile phone) although is can be viewed on a desktop PC. If you set IE to enlarge the text (View -> Text size -> Largest) it will look better.
The cribs themselves are from Minicrib and we would like to thank Charles Upton for allowing us to use them.
7th November 2007
We have just launched a new Scottish Dancing site specifically designed to be viewed on mobile phones and other small mobile devices.
The site is at scottishdancing.mobi
It can be viewed on a PC but the pages will look very small.
18th October 2007
QUB FREE CEILIDH POSTPONED - Unfortinately, due to a last minute hitch with the venue, we have had to postpone the Free Ceilidh that was to be held in the Students Union. We are attempting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Keep checking back here (and the message forums) for further updates.
4th October 2007
The ScottishDancing.org toolbar is now available for download (both IE & Firefox)
4th October 2007
ScottishDancing.org is now a carbon neutral website.
In association with CoCo2 we offset the electricity used to power the website server by supporting projects such as planting trees, creating wind farms or investing in renewable energy projects throughout the world.
2nd October 2007
COMPUTER SALE - We are pleased to link up with Total PC Solutions who are offering excellent 2nd user PC's at unbelievable prices!
Follow the link to the right for details.
26th September 2007
Our Free Ceilidhs are now in full swing.
They are being held in Portadown, QUB Student's Union & East Belfast.
See our events page for details.
8th September 2007
Dance Scottish Week is under way all across the world. Dancers in Northern Ireland are having fun tonight in Bangor, Co. Down at our 1940s dance.
Join in, no matter where you are - dance a jig in your living room and come to one of our free ceilidhs.
6th September 2007
Details of the RSCDS Belfast Branch classes commencing in September 2007 are now online.
31st August 2007
Dance Scottish Week Free Ceilidhs in Lisburn, Queens Universiry, Portadown and East Belfast.
Keep checking the events page for further details.
31st August 2007
Sunday's picnic in the park has been cancelled due to the weather.
11th July 2007
Check out the new photos in the gallery.
14th June 2007
There is a new version of the message forum software online. Please use the link to the right of this news item to access it.
The messages from the old forum will be moved to the new forum over the next few weeks.
Users should register on the new forum to post messages.
28th May 2007
The new website (This one) is now live. Please tell us what you think by completing the questionaire (from the Website information menu item to the left)
21st April 2007
An interactive map of Events, Groups, Classes and Workshops is now on Google Maps
31st March 2007
Message board forums are now online
20th March 2007
Party in Portadown 50th Anniversarty for the Portadown Group will be celebrated on Saturday 19th May 2007 in Portadown Town Hall. More details soon.
1st January 2007
We (the site admins) are just back from a New Years party at the Comfort Hotel at Dunsilly near Antrim
We have had a very enjoyable evening and would recommend future events to all our visitors.
1st January 2007
We (the website admins) are just back from a very enjoyable New Years Party at the Comfort Hotel, Dunsilly, Near Antrim.
We would definately recommend future events to our site visitors.

Find a class or event on our Google Map.

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