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Scottish Country Dancing
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2008 News archive

30th December 2008
All of us at ScottishDancing.org would like to wish our visitors a
Happy Hogmany
3rd December 2008
The website has now moved over to the new server and most, if not all the bugs have been ironed out.
If you find something that doesn't work, please email me at webmaster@scottishdancing.org
3rd December 2008
Now that the site is on the new server, the Dancipedia project is underway. Follow the link in the menu to the left for "Dancipedia"
The Dancipedia is an encyclopedia of Scottish Dancing, as time goes on it will be populated with information on dances, music & lots more.
It uses the same software as Wikipedia.org. Users can register and become editors to update information.
27th November 2008
The website has now moved onto a new server. We are experiencing a few bugs at the moment. Please bear with us as we get these ironed out.
7th November 2008
We have just joined the "Scottish Country Dancing" webring. Please visit the other sites in the ring by using the navigation bar below.
14th October 2008
Our online gallery has been upgraded to "Coppermine". Some new features are: User gallerys (upload your own photos), Ratings, Comments & Integration with the message forums.
We are currently migrating all the old galleries into the new one.
12th July 2008
Lots of new photos in our picture galleries.
9th July 2008
Have a meaningful and fun experience this summer. A list of free events over the summer has been added to the website. You can come along to the events to watch or join in.
7th July 2008
New items are available from the shop. Treat yourself and support recycling.
11th June 2008
Details of the Raphoe Ulster Scots Festival are now online.
25th May 2008
ScottishDancing.org online shop is now available.
23rd May 2008
Summer workshops - Come and try SCD for yourself, dates and locations available soon.
22nd May 2008
Belfast Branch publishes 60th Anniversary book of Scottish Country Dances.
21st May 2008
Would you like your child to learn Scottish Country Dancing?
Schools can get help from the Ulster Scots Agency to set up and after-school club.
7th February 2008
Details of the Dublin Annual Dance and the RSCDS Portrush Branch weekend school are now on the events page and on the map.
31st January 2008
New photo galleries are now online
22nd January 2008
Meet the 4 legged dancers
1st January 2008
We (the website admins) have just returned from a very enjoyable New Years party at the Comfort Hotel, Dunsilly (Near Antrim)
We would definately recommend future events to all our site visitors.

Find a class or event on our Google Map.

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