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As some of the pages linked to from this page are from the old ScottishDancing.org website the navigation bar will disappear when the link is followed. Please use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

5th December 2010
The Argory Christmas Craft Fair is one of the highlights of Christmas for everyone in Craigavon and Armagh. The Scottish Dancers came along with news of one of their new activities for 2011 The 8 Easy Dances from Scotland On a cold, sunny, snowy day the shortbread and flumps went down well with visitors and, if you're wondering, the warmest person was Colin in his thick woolly socks and kilt!
5th September 2010
Details for some of the classes have been updated. More updates to follow soon.
8th April 2010
A new version of the ScottishDancing.org toolbar is now available. New features include: Selectable class announcement ticker Integration with Facebook
12th January 2010
Class Announcement Blog is now online
7th January 2010
Play the free, fun Bash the Haggis game. Just follow the link to the ->
11th December 2009
Congratulations to the DPA level 1 class for all passing the exam. The class will receive their certificates at a celebration dinner in Portadown Golf Club. Check back to see the photos.
11th December 2009
Beat the new year blues with our Burns Night for beginners in January 2010. Venue and other details to follow.
10th December 2009
A whatsnew page has been added to ScottishDancing.org
2nd November 2009
The website should load up faster now as http compression has been enabled. If your browser does not support HTTP compression then the website will perform as before.
31st May 2009
Some videos from the Portadown Group Summer Party have been added to the videos page. There will also be more coming soon
26th May 2009
Social networking has been added to ScottishDancing.org Click on the buttons at the bottom of a page to add that page to FaceBook, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Reddit or Digg
13th May 2009
A new calendar has just been added to the website. The mini calendar is displayed on every page.
6th January 2009
The Portadown Group dancing class starts again on Wednesday 7th January 2009 at 8pm. The Desertcreat Group dancing class starts again on Thursday 8th January 2009 at 8pm. The Desertcreat Group childrens dancing class starts again on Thursday 15th January 2009 at 7pm.
30th December 2008
All of us at ScottishDancing.org would like to wish our visitors a
Happy Hogmany
3rd December 2008
The website has now moved over to the new server and most, if not all the bugs have been ironed out.
If you find something that doesn't work, please email me at webmaster@scottishdancing.org
3rd December 2008
Now that the site is on the new server, the Dancipedia project is underway. Follow the link in the menu to the left for "Dancipedia"
The Dancipedia is an encyclopedia of Scottish Dancing, as time goes on it will be populated with information on dances, music & lots more.
It uses the same software as Wikipedia.org. Users can register and become editors to update information.
27th November 2008
The website has now moved onto a new server. We are experiencing a few bugs at the moment. Please bear with us as we get these ironed out.
7th November 2008
We have just joined the "Scottish Country Dancing" webring. Please visit the other sites in the ring by using the navigation bar below.
14th October 2008
Our online gallery has been upgraded to "Coppermine". Some new features are: User gallerys (upload your own photos), Ratings, Comments & Integration with the message forums.
We are currently migrating all the old galleries into the new one.
12th July 2008
Lots of new photos in our picture galleries.
9th July 2008
Have a meaningful and fun experience this summer. A list of free events over the summer has been added to the website. You can come along to the events to watch or join in.
7th July 2008
New items are available from the shop. Treat yourself and support recycling.
11th June 2008
Details of the Raphoe Ulster Scots Festival are now online.
25th May 2008
ScottishDancing.org online shop is now available.
23rd May 2008
Summer workshops - Come and try SCD for yourself, dates and locations available soon.
22nd May 2008
Belfast Branch publishes 60th Anniversary book of Scottish Country Dances.
21st May 2008
Would you like your child to learn Scottish Country Dancing?
Schools can get help from the Ulster Scots Agency to set up and after-school club.
7th February 2008
Details of the Dublin Annual Dance and the RSCDS Portrush Branch weekend school are now on the events page and on the map.
31st January 2008
New photo galleries are now online
22nd January 2008
Meet the 4 legged dancers
1st January 2008
We (the website admins) have just returned from a very enjoyable New Years party at the Comfort Hotel, Dunsilly (Near Antrim)
We would definately recommend future events to all our site visitors.
31st December 2007
Things have been quite quite at scottishDancing.org over the Christmas holidays.
We will be adding more content to the site in January so stay tuned.
24th November 2007
Dance Cribs on your mobile!
There is now a searchable database of dance cribs online. It is primarily aimed at mobile browsing (i.e. You can look up cribs on your mobile phone) although is can be viewed on a desktop PC. If you set IE to enlarge the text (View -> Text size -> Largest) it will look better.
The cribs themselves are from Minicrib and we would like to thank Charles Upton for allowing us to use them.
7th November 2007
We have just launched a new Scottish Dancing site specifically designed to be viewed on mobile phones and other small mobile devices.
The site is at scottishdancing.mobi
It can be viewed on a PC but the pages will look very small.
18th October 2007
QUB FREE CEILIDH POSTPONED - Unfortinately, due to a last minute hitch with the venue, we have had to postpone the Free Ceilidh that was to be held in the Students Union. We are attempting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Keep checking back here (and the message forums) for further updates.
4th October 2007
The ScottishDancing.org toolbar is now available for download (both IE & Firefox)
4th October 2007
ScottishDancing.org is now a carbon neutral website.
In association with CoCo2 we offset the electricity used to power the website server by supporting projects such as planting trees, creating wind farms or investing in renewable energy projects throughout the world.
2nd October 2007
COMPUTER SALE - We are pleased to link up with Total PC Solutions who are offering excellent 2nd user PC's at unbelievable prices!
Follow the link to the right for details.
26th September 2007
Our Free Ceilidhs are now in full swing.
They are being held in Portadown, QUB Student's Union & East Belfast.
See our events page for details.
8th September 2007
Dance Scottish Week is under way all across the world. Dancers in Northern Ireland are having fun tonight in Bangor, Co. Down at our 1940s dance.
Join in, no matter where you are - dance a jig in your living room and come to one of our free ceilidhs.
6th September 2007
Details of the RSCDS Belfast Branch classes commencing in September 2007 are now online.
31st August 2007
Dance Scottish Week Free Ceilidhs in Lisburn, Queens Universiry, Portadown and East Belfast.
Keep checking the events page for further details.
31st August 2007
Sunday's picnic in the park has been cancelled due to the weather.
11th July 2007
Check out the new photos in the gallery.
14th June 2007
There is a new version of the message forum software online. Please use the link to the right of this news item to access it.
The messages from the old forum will be moved to the new forum over the next few weeks.
Users should register on the new forum to post messages.
28th May 2007
The new website (This one) is now live. Please tell us what you think by completing the questionaire (from the Website information menu item to the left)
21st April 2007
An interactive map of Events, Groups, Classes and Workshops is now on Google Maps
31st March 2007
Message board forums are now online
20th March 2007
Party in Portadown 50th Anniversarty for the Portadown Group will be celebrated on Saturday 19th May 2007 in Portadown Town Hall. More details soon.
1st January 2007
We (the site admins) are just back from a New Years party at the Comfort Hotel at Dunsilly near Antrim
We have had a very enjoyable evening and would recommend future events to all our visitors.
1st January 2007
We (the website admins) are just back from a very enjoyable New Years Party at the Comfort Hotel, Dunsilly, Near Antrim.
We would definately recommend future events to our site visitors.
1st August 2006
With the hot days of July behind us and August packed full of festivals and gigs and more hot days the Country Dancing world is already preparing for new classes and events in 2006. The website events pages will be updated over the next few weeks and keep your eye on the newspapers and arts publications for details of what is happening in September. See you all at the Pipe Band Championship in Newcastle on Saturday - do come up and say hello.
24th January 2006
It's almost Burn's Night join us at our Ceilidh on Saturday the 28th
22nd August 2005
Post 16 students
19th May 2005
Our roving reporters report on the World Day of Dance Ceilidh and the Day School (both held in Coleraine High School) is now on-line, complete with pictures and video clip.
17th May 2005
Slight change to the layout of the site homepage. Email us with your comments.
24th January 2005
Application form for a Scottish Country Dancing Workshop in Mountfield, Omagh to be held on the 12th of February 2005 is now online.
22nd October 2004
Belfast Branch committee meeting.
2nd October 2004
Our roving ambassador's 1st report: Summer School 2004
1st September 2004
New events list for 2004 - 2005 now open.
1st September 2004
Thanks to PJ's coffee shop, Ballyclare.
9th August 2004
Congratulations to the newly qualified teachers

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