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Scottish Country Dancing
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How do I get started?

If you are a complete beginner getting started is easy:

  • The Learn Ceilidh programme is for complete beginners in Scottish Dancing - no complicated steps. Just good fun and a few hundred calories lost from the hips & tummy.
  • Check out our events calendar and select a free workshop or ceilidh.
  • Turn up at the event with a pair of flat shoes to dance in.

How can I learn? - Sign up for a beginners programme:

  • Short programmes for beginners are held in local community halls and FE colleges. All are advertised locally and on this website. Telephone the contact listed for the programme for further details and go along.
  • Classes last for 2 hours (including a tea break).
  • After five classes you will have learnt enough to take part in wedding ceilidhs & Burns night / New years eve partys.

Can I provide a short Beginners Programme in my local hall?

  • Yes - We will deliver the Beginners Programme on your premises. Get some friends, youth groups, work mates, members of your community together.
  • See our photo gallery for pictures of other groups who have already done so.
  • To find out more about starting a Beginners Programme on your own premises email linda at Linda@ScottishDancing.org

If you have some dance experience:

  • Attend an SCD class - the first two nights are free. Dance groups are listed on the website.
  • Classes cost £2.50 per night on average. You don't need special outfits or equipment. Even if you are unfit, you can start slowly and build up gradually - you don't have to dance every dance each night.

Your first few months of dancing:

  • After 3 or 4 weeks you will notice your stamina and general fitness has increased.
  • You will receive lots of help and advice from people who started in previous years.
  • At beginners programmes you will receive The Survival Guide to Scottish Country Dancing, a booklet which covers all the things you will have done in class.
  • You will have learnt 6 - 8 Scottish Country Dances and will never be bored again as you continue to build your ability.
  • When you become a member of a programme or class you will receive invitations to all the social events and dances happening across the province (and many more in the UK & Ireland) throughout the year.

To decide if Scottish Country Dancing is for you:

  • Get some friends together and go to a workshop or a ceilidh during Dance Scottish Week; or
  • Speak to a dancer on 07854 109277

"You don't have to be Scottish to do it!"

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