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Scottish Country Dancing
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Clounagh Junior High School - After School Club

  • Wednesday 21st April 2010 (Download dance crib sheet)
    • Warm up
    • Circassian Circle
    • Reel for Jeannie
    • Virginia Reel
    • Flying Scotsman

  • Wednesday 28th April 2010 (Download dance crib sheet)
    • Warm up
    • Dunedin Festival Dance (AKA Borrowdale Exchange)
    • The Cumberland Reel
    • The Honeymoon
    • The Waves of Tory

  • Practice:
    • Skip change step
    • Slip steps
    • Cast behind own line
    • Advance and retire
    • RH and LH 'wheels' (including use of correct handing and safety)
    • Circle round and back
    • Lead down the middle and back

    • We talked about counting and 8 being an important number (for formations and in dances 4 x 8 = 32 bars).

  • Wednesday 5th March 2010 (Download dance crib sheet)
    • Warm up -Chapeloise (French dance)
    • A Reel for Jeannie
    • Waves of Tory
    • A Highland Welcome
    • The Flying Scotsman

  • Practice
    • Skip change of step
    • How to break the circles
    • Keeping straight lines when advancing and retiring
    • More counting!

    "They were having great enjoyment and I can see their dancing improving." - Pamela Emerson, Dance Teacher

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