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Bloomfield / Castlereagh

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Class information

Name: Bloomfield / Castlereagh  Location:
St Johns Church Hall
397 Castlereagh Road
Secretary / Contact: Mrs Eileen Anderson  028 9020 3684 
Region: Belfast (East)  Teacher: Mrs Ruth Barnes   
Day: Monday    Visitor fee:   £ 6.00
Level: General    Class fee4 5:   £ 48.00
Class type1: Annual  Time: 8:00 PM  Affiliation3: RSCDS Belfast Branch 
Frequency2: Weekly  Start date: 10th Sep 2018  Private: No   
Announcements blog: classes.scottishdancing.org/bloomfield
Comments: Membership is also subject to the "Belfast Branch & RSCDS" fee.

1 Annual class or fixed length course (e.g. 10 weeks).
2 Most classes are weekly although some are fortnightly or monthly.
3Classes can be organised by an RSCDS branch, be affiliated to the RSCDS or be independent.
4Classes that are organised by RSCDS branches are normally also subject to a branch & RSCDS membership fee.
5Classes that are affiliated to the RSCDS may be subject to a RSCDS membership fee.

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