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Scottish Country Dancing
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About ScottishDancing.org

The ScottishDancing.org website was first launched on 23rd July 2003. The aim of the site is to make Scottish Country Dancing accessible to everyone in the north of Ireland.
Originally the site was focused on Northern Ireland but this was widened to include our friends in Donegal and the other border counties.

The site is maintained by Linda & Colin Barnes who are both keen Scottish Dancers. They live in Newtownards with their cat Bobo.

  Bobo the cat

We welcome links to this site from other dancing and Scottish related websites (and even non-dancing or non-Scottish ones). You just need to make the link point at scottishdancing.org (www is not required at the start.)

If you would like us to link to your site then please email us at Colin@scottishdancing.org.

If you would like to advertise your event on the site then please email us at Colin@scottishdancing.org.

If you would like to have some pages on ScottishDancing.org then, yes you’ve guessed it, email us at colin@scottishdancing.org.

Some of the software etc. used on the site is:

And a final comment for IT pros. Did you know that Scottish Country Dancing consists of patterns and movements in which the dancing couple meet, part and meet again as they travel down the set - just like packets travelling over a network. [Linda made me write this]

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